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Clubul Oamenilor de Afaceri
de Limba Germana din Transilvania de Nord

Deutschsprachiger Wirtschaftsclub Nordtransilvanien

SC Catalysts Software ROmania SRL

Informationstechnik, Cluj-Napoca

SC Catalysts Software ROmania SRL

Catalysts develops individual software solutions for economy
focusing on 3 key aspects:

1) Big Data and Machine Learning: Besides batch processing of
Tera- and Petabytes we are also able to process big data streams
in real time.

2) High Performance Computing: We accelerate business-critical
algorithms by a factor of 40 (for satellite data processing) to 400
(for finance applications).

3) Large-Scale Agile Projects: We deliver large scale projects „On
Time & On Budget". Large scale projects have either millions of lines of code or take many hundred person-months
and/or the software is used by many hundred thousand users.

Our large international customers are besides others Porsche / VW, DB-Schenker and ESA – European Space Agency.
Our customers value our solid problem solving competence so that they can grow further.

Currently, 80 software developers work at Catalysts who verifyably count to the best 0,5% of all software developers in Europe.


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